Life, and the Yogic path.


Life is difficult. No matter what it looks like, no matter how strong, rich, or happy people seem, no one has it easy and life is a struggle. Sorrow can last a lifetime, and moments of joy and celebration occur and the next day are gone. There's constant challenges and obstacles and we are like boats in a storm tossed around on the waves. For some its a fight for survival, others struggle to make ends meet, some are isolated or lonely, battling illness, overcoming loss, or abuse.  Many have no support or suffer in silence. Some are completely powerless with no way out, and others cannot see the way out, and repeat patterns and habits and stay stuck. 

All that being said, life is also precious and a gift.  And  we as far as we know, only have one. Many find ways to overcome challenges, and find joy and hold it in their heart regardless of circumstances. They see hope in the next day's sunrise, and summons inner strength and gratitude, live with compassion and understanding, and align themselves with all humankind including the greater struggle of all humans.
With a grateful mindset, channeling positive feelings for what we have versus what we don't have, and the realization that we can control much more than we think, it is possible to feel more empowered, and free ourselves from limiting our experience to seeing through one solitary lens.  
By tapping into a universal consciousness,  the heartbeat of the earth, breath of the wind, and soul of the universe we can sense that separateness is an illusion. Yin and Yang is life. Struggle and bliss. Sorrow and joy.
Our reaction to normal every day occurrences:  good and bad, greatly influences and determine the quality of our life.
Our own ability to control our reactions, again can dictate much of our quality of life and our happiness.
When we turn off the running dialogue in our heads it enables freedom. When we free ourselves from being tied to a life of reaction and needless suffering, the enlightened mind shows the way to consciousness bliss.
The crown chakra is glowing and open. The being radiates at the highest frequency. It has risen above negative inner voices, overcomes patterns, let go of limiting beliefs, changes habits, and prevails.
To get there, takes practice, strength, and commitment. This is the path of yoga.

Smile kindly to yourself, be proud of all that you have experienced and overcome this far, and that you have yet to experience and overcome.


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