How would working with a holistic heath coach help me?

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What's one thing you can put at the top

Prioritize your health, 

kick addictions (carbs, sugar, etc.) achieve your goals, by learning about your habits and what drives them!  Rewire the brain, form new habits, gain control and experience success!  

Crystal, Testimmonial

After just  3 sessions....

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After just my first 3 sessions with Kelly I felt healthier than I have in years. Kelly's focus on the positive has helped me sustain motivation I couldn't sustain on my own. I'm binging less and making healthier choices. Her suggestions and encouragement have made me more creative in the kitchen and in my workout routine. Working with Kelly is truly a holistic experience, I'm already feeling more energized in mind, body and spirit!



90 Day Transformation Program or 14 day Detox Cleanse (when client space permits)

90 Day Transformation Program:

-weekly 50 minute calls  (may include grocery store tour or kitchen revamp)

-handouts, recipes, checklists and more

email / text support

-my commitment to your health and success




- Discover what to eat to get the most energy

- Turn healthy habits into behaviors that last

- Uncover what's stopping you from showing up for yourself

- Set up conditions for inevitable success

Jamie, Cleanse Testimonial

Kelly's progam is very doable....

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Kelly's 14-day cleanse program is a great way to reset and reinsert healthy habits in your life.  Her program is very doable (i.e. no juicing or starvation diets) and she is in regular contact via social media and regular conference calls to ensure you stay motivated and on track with your goals. I plan to continue signing up for her cleanse program on a quarterly basis to continue instilling good habits because let's face it, good health isn't achieved in a week, it's ensuring healthy habits for life!


You decide what needs to change by looking at what you are compelled to do naturally in times of stress when you feel like you are driven to do things out of habit versus out of a conscious empowered choice.  

  1. Uncover ingrained patterns and determine the key motivating factors to change

  2. Rewire and reset - by linking pleasure and happiness with healthy behaviors to result in desired outcomes so that you...

  3. Develop new habits to overcome habituated resistance



As your health coach I support you in:


Putting your health / well-being first

Eliminating self-sabotage and stop letting circumstances derail success 

Ending yo-yo dieting; find a balance of foods 

Being accountable. Staying on track

Ending excuse making which prevents success

Achieving optimal health goals long term! Gain energy!

Setting boundaries

Harness mindfulness, and positive thinking

Joanie, Testimonial

Working with Kelly....

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Kelly has been an inspiration. I had been thinking about goals I wanted to attain after my doctor said if I didn’t lose weight I would need weight loss surgery. I have a very busy schedule with work and family and kept failing with other  methods.


When the program was offered I went for it and told Kelly my goals. Knowing I had to be accountable motivated me. Kelly suggested I set goals incrementally. In the past I would dive in and fail in a week. In three months I lost over 20 pounds.


I’m  joining a gym- I haven’t been to one in over 12 years and feel great. As a result of working with Kelly I have been obtaining my goals and feel better about myself. Thank you Kelly for changing my life for the better!


In life, you need people who support as well as stretch you to succeed! 


Those who pat us on the back help us stay where we are. I'm committed to supporting and stretching you to achieve your goals!


Getting healthy is a process that includes change. It takes time to change at the right pace, to adapt to new habits and behaviors and a new way of living.


Too much change too fast can derail success.


About 40% of your day is  driven by habits, so when you want to make a lasting change- that's a good place to start!