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Your Inner Voice is Calling You!

Your Inner Voice Is Calling You!

In our busy lives, we are pulled in different directions, running from place to place work to home, errands and events, taking care of the family and the kids, with layers and layers that get piled on, to do's and checklists, schedules and priorities- day after day, after day..... until we eventually, and sadly lose connection with our innermost selves, and disconnect from that inner being that speaks to us and guides us and reminds us of our deepest desires and what we truly want to be experiencing in our precious and all tho short lives.

Over time, we've accidentally, just by virtue of normal every day busy life-- covered up, silenced, and ignored that inner voice. We have forgotten how to tune into it because its been so long since we have.

We feed ourselves instant gratification for a quick fix and pick me up.... a pedicure, a massage, a phone call with a friend, a Netfix series. But we need so much more. Our inner voice is calling out to us .... to listen.

And just like an onion we can slowly begin to peel back the layers, gradually and with effort- with meditation, with yoga, with journalling and with slowing down, and showing up for ourselves, in a concentrated dedicated way. Just like we dedicate our time and attention to others.

And then, miraculously, we find ourselves remembering our dreams, realizing they are important and that its not too late. That life is short, and that we need to show up for ourselves as much as for others, ready to nourish our souls, mind and body, and return to wholeness.


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