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Essential Oils with Young Living

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I came home to a birthday gift from Mom! She always sends thoughtful, interesting gifts and sent me an Essential Oils diffuser and three oils! I was so excited opening the box and smelling each bottle and then diffusing Essential Oils for the first time!!! I sensed immediately their profound mood-enhancing effect from simply smelling them out of the bottles.

I started recalling how often I had experienced oils in yoga classes I took, and couldn't believe I never had my own beforehand. There was something magical to these oils, and they quickly came to serve as little physical wellness reminders reminding me of the importance of self-care and slowing down.

Take time to smell the lavender essential oil right?! Oh yeah, and the roses!

When I realized a yogi at my studio was an Essential Oils distributor for a company called Young Living (see video) I signed up to buy a kit of oils with a diffuser, and it seemed like a big investment, but these days I am non-stop diffusing, ingesting and using oils in many ways - from spritzing lavender on yogis and using oils to massage students to making DIY all natural gifts (for me and others!)

I love adding Essential oils to beauty products to enhance my skincare regimen. You can also go complete DIY and simply mix (firm) coconut oil with lavender essential oil for a quick and easy homemade lip balm. Or mix lavender EO with Vitamin E oil, and other beneficial oils and make your own facial oil. I mix the amazing and cell rejuvenating Frankincense with Lavender (both so great for skin) and add oils to my facial moisturizer for anti-aging. Its fun to use different oils each time, in my moisturizer or again in DIY face oils, etc., since so many are great for skin and smell so good.

When it comes to pain and inflammation (from bacterial infection, diet, chemicals, hormonal imbalance, injury) Eucalyptus Globulus is my go-to! It has cured my carpal tunnel.... where many go for surgery when pain gets intolerable, mine hasn't come back in 6 months after applying about 10 drops direct and undiluted of Eucalyptus Globulus all over the wrist area. German Chamomile is also amazing for inflammation with its strong compound called azulene, with highly anti-inflammatory compounds.

Ingesting Essential Oils is not for everyone- and you want to do your own research before doing so. I add drops of Lemon Essential oil to my water (I made a video about this its on Instagram) and always have a ready-made pitcher in the fridge. Lemon has so many benefits, topically and when ingested. Lemon is antitumoral, antiseptic, improves microcirculation, stimulates the immune system, improves memory, and contains limolene *which in medical studies, combats tumor growth! I have added lemon to quinoa and added Lemongrass to Ramen. Peppermint oil is really great in brownies-- there's whole cookbooks on cooking with oils.

Of I course I also diffuse all the oils, so the uses are all together too many to mention in this post, but I really wanted to share a few and talk about how I got started and why I love them!

Basically- Mothers know best! Thanks Mom!

Check out the Essential Oils tab on my website to read more and order your own!


P.S. Always consult a Doctor before using Essential Oils for something that you would normally consult them on.

* From a great Essential Oils Reference Guide: Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing and you can get that on Amazon

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