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Moments of Discomfort Can Bring Growth

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Fear often arises when faced with the unknown, as I was reminded of recently when invited to teach a class for Virginia Yoga Week. I had never been to this event and did not know any yoga students who would be there. My first instinct, I noticed, was fear. But knowing I was drawn to this event and wanted to continue expanding my teachings, and knowing that feelings of discomfort, promised growth, I said yes.

Class was in a park,next to people playing volleyball with other distractions and people walking about, talking to each other and on phones and stopping to observe. Some students forgot mats, but still wanted to practice on the grass, and others showed up never having tried yoga, and the class was filled with different levels of yogis. There was no sound system and so, I had to talk loudly.

At the end of class, one yogi was mentioning to his friend, how he didn't like a different teacher he tried for the first time recently (we all have our preferences) and I couldn't stop myself from wondering if he liked my class. Again I caught myself and reminded myself that even if we were in the perfect class in the perfect setting, there's no guarantee everyone would like it.

So again, this experience was a great reminder to try something new (life begins at the end of our comfort zone). New situations may be scary at first, but afterwards we have the feeling of growth and moving forward, into our potential versus saying stuck or stagnant. New experiences can bring a rush of excitement and accomplishment.

Om is the universal vibration that unites us and

frees us from the illusion of separateness

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