• Kelly Tobin

Announcing the 2019 Self-Care Club with Essential Oils!

2019!!!! So excited!!! It’s going to be the best & healthiest year ever!!! I have been spilling the planning beans for a couple months with you essential oil‘s lovers and now we are officially announcing that Nicole Griffin (Nicole Griffin Wellness) & I are PUMPED to have some quality self-care time with you in 2019!

We are setting up for a 2019 Self-Care Club with Essential Oils which will be focused on providing education about essential oils and ways to use them and sharing the benefits of each oil and incorporating them into a super duper enhanced self-care routine!

If you want to join our group in this Self-care, Wellness, holistic health and nontoxic oily adventure where we will have a private Facebook group, calls + more~~ LETS GET YOU A KIT!! Then you’re in!

It’s going to be a great (and free~) program with tons of value and we’re giving it all away— for all of our beloved Essential Oils customers!

We love oils. You love oils. We’re gonna bring you amazing people all together + share so much self-care wellness oils love!

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