• Kelly Tobin

2020 - Year in Review!

I wanted to post a "Year In Review!" and share the HIGHLIGHTS of 2020 ... how I did on goals, how the year went, as inspired by Kimberly Wilson. So, ok, here goes!

Tbh, I DO NOT ENJOY on-line Yoga teaching compared to in person! But, I started immediately because I didn't NOT want to be able to serve the students during a crisis. The Yogis/you mean everything to me, and likewise, I 1,000% appreciate my teachers offering classes on line and being able to take yoga multiple x weekly from my fav‘s across the US. I buy passes from local studios and teachers as much as possible.

I donated all proceeds from 4 months of teaching about $1,000 total to 3 front desk staff out of work. Thank you for donating to this important cause. 2020 has put a lot of folks out of a join. I know, I'm sure most yogis prefer in-person classes too, and I appreciate you sticking with the practice on line! Can’t imagine NOT being able to teach and take yoga during the pandemic. 😳

Helped local businesses- Supreme Core Cider and Franklin Hall, taught Yoga/HIIT Happy hour events.

I fundraised, $1,015 for Children’s Hospital – thank you for donating! #ExtraLife

Adopted a COVID beagle! WATSON! ❤

Worked with 8 people looking for jobs, to help them with resumes and job searching (approx 75 hours)

Bought office furniture for staff, since company didn’t buy office equipment to work from home -they shouldn’t have to buy it.

Won EPIC Presidential award at work for being a culture champion connecting people in different ways such as teaching volunteer yoga classes weekly to employees, etc.

Donated $5,320 to: Australian with Love, Chesapeake bay foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, NPR, Children’s Miracle Network, Second Story, AOC, ACLU, Freedom Fighters, Anti Racism Project, Feeding America, Network for Good, Masks for Native America, RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center), etc...

Attended on line and in person political rallies and donated to political campaigns. Read different books to be a better BLM ✊🏿 ally.

Led women in programs to create communities of wellness and keep people together during the pandemic- June Refresh and November Reboot. Led a few Art and Yoga workshops. Visited Mom & Dad in Tampa, a good friend in Michigan right before the pandemic. Grateful I got to travel early in the year!

That's all I can think of, but all in all, 2020 was a growth year I truly spent a lot of time growing, reflecting and trying to be a better human. We all get better and better each year. Post your year in review? It’s a great exercise!

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