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Eucalyptus Oil for Everything!

Joint pain? Muscle Pain? Arthritis? Carpal Tunnel? Congested? Sinus problems?

Eucalyptus Oil helps a massive array of ailments! All of the above and MORE!

Eucalyptus is a powerful analgesic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, disinfectant and expectorant Essential Oil which healed my carpal tunnel one day when I couldn't take the pain anymore and doused my wrist with about 5 drops of the amazing elixir! I was truly amazed when the pain went away about 10 minutes later, and the arm felt almost like it had a Novocain type shot at the dentist! This is because Eucalyptus Globulus (the sub-type I used) has a high amount of 1a Cienol (also known as Eucalyptol at 84%. 1a Cineol is a constituent that has been known to reduce pain on contact when applied to the skin (and its always a good idea to dilute with a carrier oil, although a few drops of Eucalyptus straight without carrier oil is also safe). So! long story longer! Since then, I am never without 1 or 2 bottles, and I have given and suggested this amazing oil to many, many people along for different things, along with other healing essential oils that work for other ailments.

People are very surprised after suffering unnecessarily— sometimes for a long time and after trying many things like seeing a Doctor, going to physical therapy, or a chiropractor, etc., that something as simple as putting an essential oil on the affected area can make you feel so much better! Many people have an aversion to natural remedies like this (that their trusted Doctor did not suggest) and are highly skeptical that something they put directly on top of the skin can soap deeply into the muscles and joints, etc. so they never try anything! (Reminder: anything that you put on your skin gets into the skin, and into the blood stream, etc).

#Eucalyptus is also a great decongestant as well! It has the power to help open the airways, and again you can dilute it in a Carrier Oil like coconut oil, and use it as a chest decongestant. The Eucalyptus Radiata is a little less potent (65% 1a Cineol) and this type is recommended for asthma and respiratory issues (versus the Globulus for inflammation and join pain). You can also mix it with other oils and make a vapor rub. It’s great for respiratory conditions like asthma and sinusitis (diffusing) and bronchitis. The oil reacts with mucous membranes, reducing mucus and helping loosen it, so that you cough it up. I know you needed all those details! LOL. Also! For sinus infections - although I have not tried this myself you can mix Eucalyptus essential oil in your Netti pot saline solution. When you can’t stop coughing ~ put Eucalyptus on your throat (again with some carrier oil) or on a handkerchief or tissue and breathe it in will help control the cough and clear your nose for a while!

You can also make a nice Eucalyptus shower mist spray with 10 drops of Eucalyptus and add to a spray bottle full of water and spray it in your shower after the hot water has been on and the shower starts to steam up. Spray towards shower floor and you will have a relaxing spa like experience. (Also great for headaches and sinuses)!

It’s so nice to use all natural chemical free essential oil‘s in the house for cleaning and what not. I love to mix essential oils with baking soda and sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming for an all natural air freshener too! The options, as usual with Essential Oils, are endless! Keep hardwood floors clean simply, again, by mixing some hot water and eucalyptus oil, put it in your handy dandy glass spray bottle with only about 5 drops and that's all you need on those floors to get 'em good and shiny!

My oils of choice are, of course, the ones I signed up to sell! The Young Living Essential Oils! They are all natural, 100% pure and high quality and I completely stand by them.... I’m happy to send samples and I've been known to give out a few bottle or two! If interested- please let me know. And for those that ARE using it PLEASE chime in on what you use it for and how it helped!

Note: use only 100% pure essential oil‘s (such as Young Living) Diluting essential oils before using on the skin is important. Consult dilution charts. Eucalyptus should not be used on the face, and is toxic in high doses. Consult your doctor about using Essential Oils especially when concerning children. Eucalyptus oil is not recommended for children. See link as well as do your own research. https://tisserandinstitute.org/infographics/ Many essential oil‘s are not safe to use during pregnancy. Also research Essential Oils and pets- there are many differing opinions on the subject. I have two cats so I avoid diffusing the strong essential oil‘s with the windows closed.

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