• Kelly Tobin

In the Midst of Difficulty, Lies Opportunity

We have just completed our first month of COVID-19 quarantine in the United States. In just 1 month life has changed dramatically, many living and working indoors, while others work in public: first responders, essential workers, the service industry, etc. The virus has physically separated us to 6 feet apart, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, but technology has brought us closer to our families and friends, coworkers across the world, etc. The human need for connection has persisted and prevailed.

COVID-19 illuminates the fact that minorities in the US do not experience the same freedoms and luxuries in our country, as many of us do. We have an opportunity to focus on and respond to the imminent need to end systematic racism and oppression, calling it out wherever we see it, to demand equal rights, especially in this case, healthcare. Deaths are over 20,000 in the US and a disproportionate amount are minorities- and we know this thanks to some hospitals sharing statistics~ not our Government. And many are standing up, pointing that out, and demanding justice and equal healthcare for all. We can't stay silent, we need to all raise our collective voices and demand equal freedoms and protection for all our inhabitants in this country.

And as we raise our voices, and extend our empathy beyond just our own family and friends, think of truly what a utopian post-COVID world could look like, if we act and speak with our hearts, and raise the collective conscious beyond our inner circles broadly to the world.

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